Haya and Elviana are the new students in SMAN 3 Bandung. And they met for the first time in TM PLIST at old hall.
Elvi: Hi! May I know your name?
Haya: Of course, my name is Haya. And you?
Elvi: I'm Elvi. Where do you study before?
Haya: I studied in SMPIT Bina Insan Unggul, and what about you?
Elvi: I studied in SMPN 2 Garut.
Haya: Oh, are you from Garut?
Elvi: Yes, I'm from Garut. Where are you from?
Haya: I'm from Bandung. Elvi, where do you live now?
Elvi: I live in Bandung at St. Sekejati 3 no.11, with my grandma.
Haya: How about your parents?
Elvi: My father in Garut with my brother. And my mother in Bandung with me, but sometimes she back to Garut.
Haya: What your hobby?
Elvi: My hobby is reading. What about you?
Haya: I like drawing and reading.
Elvi: Oh really?What is your favorite book?
Haya: Yes. Ilke fiction book.
Elvi: Me too because I like imagination and magic.
Haya:  What is a title of your favorite book?
Elvi: Red Queen and Ulysses Moore.
Haya: Elvi…
       Hello!! I'm Haya Azharul Jinan.You can call me Haya or Aya.I'm a moeslem. I'm was born in Bandung, May 2nd 2002.I live in Kp.Ciparay Hilir rt 04/ rw 11 Ds.Cangkuang Kulon Kec.Dayeuh Kolot Kab.Bandung.
       I have the parent. My mother from Bandung, and my father from Majalengka.They are entrepreneurs. Name of business is Bonne Vie's. They make the cake, cookies, frozen food, etc.They are so kind. They always try to make me happy, whatever the way. I love them.I  still have one young sister. We are 2,5 years different.Many people say, our faces are similar.But our characters are different.
       Oh yes...My hobby is drawing. I want to be a doctor. I want to be a ustadzah, hafidzoh 30 juz, and make it all proud. I want the success of the world and the hereafter.
       I have been studying in TK Al-Hanifah, next in MI Daarul Qolam and in SMPIT Bina Insan Unggul. And now, I'm studying in SMAN 3 Bandung.
       I have a f…